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Fayette County Tennessee Slave owners in the 1864 Register of Freedmen

Nathaniel Blain

Nathaniel Blain, also known as Nathan Blain, was born April 28, 1820. His home was near Rossville. Blain married Sarah J. Pleasants on April 9, 1842.

Considered "one of the oldest and best citizens of the county," he died February 7, 1888 and is buried in Blain Cemetery. Mrs. Sarah Blain, his wife, died February 21, 1892 at their home near Rossville. She was a member of Pleasant Hill Christian Church.

Blain was former owner of seventeen-year-old Puss Blain according to the Register. She was a house slave.

R.R. Gwyn (Bud Gwinn)

R.R. Gwinn was better known as Uncle Bud Gwyn. Gwyn died at his home east of town; he was almost 70.

Four of Gwynn's former slaves appear in The Register: Rosetta Gwinn (10), Charley Gwinn (7), Louis Gwinn (5), and Sally Harvey (34).

Charles Michie

Charles Michie (seemingly pronounced "Mickey") was in 1864 legal owner of six former slaves listed in The Register: Calvin and Henry Anderson, eight and three years old (respectively) and Maria, Margaret, and Thomas Mickey, forty-six years, ten weeks, and six years (respectively) and fifty-eight-year-old Rhoda Copes. According to researcher Deloris Williams, Michie was born in 1799 in Goochland County, Virginia and died in 1872. He purchased land in Fayette County, Tennessee; his plantation, Woodlawn, is just east of the town of LaGrange, Tennessee. During Union occupation of LaGrange, General William Tecumseh Sherman used Woodlawn as headquarters. The estate also served as a hospital once for the Confederacy and then for the Union. General Grant is said to have visited Woodlawn. Michie appears to have had at least four daughters: Virginia, Olivia, Victoria, and Cornelia. Michie's antebellum plantation and house, Woodlawn, sit on Highway 57 just outside of the town limits. Michie was a veteran of the War of 1812 and held the rank of Major. Michie received a pardon in July of 1865 for his support of southern rebellion. Michie was an organizer of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad and the LaGrange and Memphis Railroad, and a trustee of the LaGrange Female Academy.

Hugh (Hew) Nelson

Hugh Nelson also appears in the Register as Hew Nelson.

Nelson was former owner of four freedpeople listed in The Register: Kitty Nelson (24), Judy Nelson (7), Catherine Nelson (25), and Julia Nelson (8).

Major Edmond Winston

Major Edmond Winston was in 1864 legal owner of nine former slaves listed in The Register: nine-year-old Giles Winston and six-year-old Victoria Winston, and fifty-nine year old Minervia Cotton. Other slaves listed in the Register who were obviously owned by Maj. Winston include Letha "Vinston" (13), Bertha "Winson" (29), Thomas "Winson" (8), Hannah "Winson" (6), James "Winson" (4), and Mary "Winson" (1).

Major Winston built what would under different ownership come to be known as Hatton Cottage around 1828 in LaGrange, Tennessee.